Mysteries of the feminine, Bulgaria, 29.01.15

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Oana Sacred Mysteries of the Feminine is a 4 day initiating journey in the mysteries of womanhood and the many ways in which a woman needs to take care, feed and nurture herself to be fulfilled, powerful and to emanate radiance.

Radiance, genius and deep awareness are attributes of the feminine power and have been repressed for a long time. We are reclaiming our birthright for walking this earth with equal brilliance.

The workshop, practical and experiential in nature, is showing women the feminine path to attain enlightenment and, in the process, reclaim their divine gifts, embody all the mysteries and energies of the divine feminine and learn to love, nurture and cultivate the gifts of the woman inside.


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What you can expect to take from this journey:

You will learn to take care of yourself on all levels – energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

You will learn a set of practices, exercises and meditations that come from ancient knowledge of how women can become enlightened if they choose so.

You will experience deep healing and freedom from emotional entanglement with long-held scars, wounds and negative patterns that you hold around your power, self-expression, sexuality, femininity, divine mission and gifts.

You will tap into deeper levels of your womanhood and learn how to direct the flow of your energy to have power, better health and vitality, beauty and radiance.

You will reach new levels of fertility that can manifest as getting pregnant or manifesting new levels of abundance in life.

Clearing and empowering your relationship to men and allowing love and passion to flow freely. Men will surrender to you and trust your empowered self. You can expect breakthrough results in your romantic life.

You will experience how to love and nurture yourself and it will be practical and concrete.

You will understand your divine gifts and tap into your feminine essence and be able to express it with everybody.

You will empower yourself and belong to a powerful field of illuminated feminine energies that will always be with you from now on.

You will learn how to cultivate the virtues of compassion, kindness, unconditional love and as such become a vessel of divine grace poured into the world.

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What women say about their benefits out of participating in this journey:

„ I understood as a woman that I hold an important role and I was able to own my femininity and enjoy it. I spend more time with myself and I don’t feel lonely and sad or bored. On the contrary! I learned to meditate. I experienced deep healing in my  womb and my neck area and my meditations became deeper and clearer. Energy awakened in my feet, hands, womb and chest. Sometimes I have great visionary insights.”

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„I have access to my power and I respond to life faster and clearer.”

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„ I took responsibility for my financial state and ended my relationship with the man I was with. Very soon another man showed up in my life. Now I am independent financially and able to enjoy a relationship with a man as part of my life, not my whole life”

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„I feel more in contact with myself, more vital and present in relationship with others.  More of a woman.Before this journey I loved myself. Now I adore myself!”

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„I am more connected to my spirituality, the sacredness of all things and able to feel the divine pouring its love on me and through me”

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„I felt more connected to my inner strength and saw results in relationship with the masculine, in relationship to masculine authorities. I felt at home again and able to produce results just by my very presence”

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„I was able to heal old wounds of sexual abuse, ending the war with men and allowing balance to be present in me between my masculine and feminine side. As a result I feel free and abundance started flowing in my life. I have earned more money than ever, the month following the workshop”

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„ Before the workshop I was in a big dilemma with regard to my career. After the 1st workshop things arranged themselves, I became clear  what direction I need to take that best suited my short term needs and things fall into place. ”

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„I am happy that I discovered a generous set of practices that I can resonate with and integrate and practice in my day to day life.I discovered clearly what I want and need and I am beginning to manifest things in the real world. It is different the level of integrity I have towards myself. Much higher”

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„The relationship with myself is more intense, I am more aware of how I feel  and how I present myself. My couple relationship is heading towards a long life partnership that is spiritual and sacred.”

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oana pic 2 compressedOana Stoianovici is a leader and a transformational coach with over 11 years of experience. She studied the art of transformation in the States, traveling all over the world and leading transformational leadership programs in the first 7 years of her career. During this time she had the opportunity to work with thousands of people, experiencing many cultures. This brought an enormous experience and a deep understanding of the human development and transformational process. She kept traveling, meeting spiritual masters and getting initiated in spiritual practices, undergoing significant rites of passages in sacred places around the globe, immersing herself in quantum healing practices and learning to support the healing of traumatic events.

All this experience lead in time to the development of unique healing and transformational processes, who she expresses in the workshops she is leading. Today, she conducts transformational workshops for activating and healing your relationship with the Innerchild and Rites of passages into the Sacred Mysteries of the Feminine. This workshops are profoundly healing, intending to free up the blockages and limitations we hold onto at a quantic level, releasing the energy needed for the change the participants desire. Her workshops are experiential and act as a catalyst, accelerating the fulfillment of the participants intentions. The experience is multi-dimensional, addressing all aspects of a human being, from the physical, emotional, mind body to the spiritual.

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