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We welcome you to our next workshop Sacred Mysteries of the Feminine.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Yoga Diwali Studio, but. Vitosha 132-134

Period: 29,30,31 of January and 01 of February 2015.

Our manager of the registration process is Iva.


Contact Information


Phone: +359 888 936 452

Address: Sofia, Bulgaria


Participation fee:
385 EUR

350 EUR early bird price,  if you register by 15th of January

Special price for Bulgarian women:
335 EUR 

300 EUR early bird price,  if you register by 15th of January

For registration please fill and sign this registration form and pay a deposit of 30 %.
Bank account:
Name: Iva Miteva-Slavcheva


Please inform IVA about your participation and email her the signed registration form and a copy of your deposit.
You will need to pay the rest of the money by January, 27th. 

The Program of the 4 days of workshop:

The workshop is experiential in nature, comprised of meditations and exercises and practices that help us open up and learn to create a lifestyle that nurtures and enhances us. We will learn ancestral practices that help us take care of ourselves on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and energetic.

The program each day starts at 9.30 am and will finish between 18.30/19.30, depending on the group dynamic. In the last day of the workshop will finish 21.30/22.00. We will have a long lunch break of one hour and a half around noon or 13.00 depending on the group dynamic, and periodic breaks after each set of practices and main meditations.

The workshop is based on rekindling the feeling and states of intuition and instinct that lay dormant and when awaken can bring tremendous insight and knowledge into our life circumstances. So, the workshop will enhance introspection and give you a clear map of how to connect with yourself, your body, your soul and how to manifest your life and intentions from within. It is the unfoldement of the ancestral way of living, loving and manifesting that the feminine way has always known. You do not have to have any preparation in advance or know any techniques to fully benefit from this experience; of course, if you have had experience with the feminine ways, the workshop will benefit you too. The Feminine consciousness will carry every woman deeper and higher than the moment she entered the process. This is her intrinsic gift for all of us, evolution.
Through disciplined practice, will explore how to access states of consciousness that carry high vibration and bring with them, initiatory rites of passage into the mysteries of Creation, Life and Death, Unconditional Love, Sacred Passion, Forgiveness and Compassion, Honor and Cherishment, Peace and Wisdom.


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